Tax return with quick and easy!

Since 2022, it has become easier and faster to file a tax return with the new assistant. 70% of the 300,000 natural person taxpayers could already potentially take advantage of this new tool for their tax return in 2021.

In 2023, the number of people who can use this web form has increased. This extension of the target group concerns, for example, the liberal professions or partners in a joint declaration (PACS).

As a reminder, the assistant is available in the personal space of and guides users through the input fields according to their personal situation and the data entered. This assistant makes it easier and quicker to declare your income because the process is digital from start to finish.

In the last few months, has undergone another important development: the personal areas of have been given a new look and the platform is entirely presented in responsive design, i.e. the interface adapts to any type of device. To carry out their procedures, users can therefore connect to from their smartphone, tablet or computer and benefit from a presentation that is 100% adapted to their screen size.

Press release  by the Ministry   for Digitalisation  and the Government IT Centre (CTIE)

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